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In Recognition

Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, VA, from its inception has provided quality education for students who passed through its doors.  Many have gone on to higher level institutions and some have gone on to high level industries and made their mark as being among the best in their field.  The same has been the case for students who went to the James Solomon Russell High School.


The James Solomon Russell-Saint Paul’s College Museum & Archives recognized that those high-level achievers, who made exceptional sacrifices and commitments, should be recognized for their efforts.

The museum committee has set up high standards for all applicants participating in this program.  An

important requirement is for the applicant to be recognized on a regional or higher level.


Nominees will have to apply by December 1, of each year and will receive their results around the end of February of the following year.  The celebration will be in May or other pre-determined date.  We encourage all alumni members to participate.